5 Best Weight Loss Apps to make you physically active

Being overweight, especially when it turns into obesity, is a leading problem today. On one hand, the advancements in industrialization and digitalization have provided us comfort and reduced the time and effort of any task, on the other hand, they have made us physically inactive, hence giving us health issues.

To be in proper shape while being physically active and sound, we need a proper routine in our lives that we lack drastically. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle without any proper knowledge is difficult, but going to instructors and dieticians is also a hassle. To eradicate such a problem, several companies have developed weight loss applications with the help of professionals.

Since there are many apps in the market, one gets a bit overwhelmed as to what they should select. To make it easy for the app users, we have found some of the best weight loss apps out there:

●    Lose It!

Lose It! is one of the most effective weight loss apps, which helps you with your eating habits. It asks about your weight, age, and height, and then forms a plan for you. It helps maintain your weight and fitness through a calorie count. You can set your weight goal in it and the app will tell you the calories you can consume in a day. You can track your calories by taking a picture of the food and can even scan the barcode of the food you generally consume.

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●    MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal helps you focus on your overall fitness. It takes into account the calories you intake as well as the ones you should burn. It provides you with different workout plans. This app also has a community support option where you can share or get tips from other users, and get to read their success stories as a source of motivation as well.

●    WW App

WW in the WW App stands for Weight Watchers, and it is one of the best apps for weight loss. Just like the other apps, it also has a barcode scanner to keep a check on the nutrients and calories that one consumes. This app also has more than 8,000 recipes in its database for homemade healthy food. WW keeps a check on your calories, and it has an activity tracker. It provides workshop sessions for its users as well.

●    Noom

Noom stands out among other apps as it takes into consideration your whole lifestyle and your health concerns. It also takes into account your food intake, workout, blood sugar as well as blood pressure, and then provides you with a nutrition-based plan.

●    Fitbit

Fitbit is an app synced with a wearable activity device that tracks every step that you take or the calories you burn. All your physical activities, as well as your heart rate, are monitored through that device. It allows you to log in your food and water intake. You can even set alarms to make it remind you of your workout and activities.