5 Games for Newbies who always wanted to become Gamers

Gaming is one of those hobbies which people usually enjoy spending their time doing the most, however, sometimes the idea of playing games on fancy consoles and PC can be an intimidating thing for the new gamers. Listed down are some of the most suitable video games for those who always wanted to be experienced gamers:

1. Dragon Quest XI:

Dragon Quest XI, a Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG), is one of the most fitting games for new gamers. It has amazing characters, a story with a perfect blend of adventure and fun, music, and artistic visuals. This game is also based on the realities of life, and how one should not give up hope in the face of failures. It is a game that allows gamers to play at their pace without charging them any kind of penalty for lagging.

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2. Hitman III:

Hitman III is another suitable option to get a gaming experience as a new gamer. This game is structured as a trilogy (part I, II, III), and in all the parts the concept of the game is the same. The theme of this game is based on the assassination, and violence mixed with adventure and suspense. It has characters portrayed as patrolling guards, spectators, and assassins and it has plenty of options for unique weapons.

3. The Legend of Zelda:

This game is a series comprising many parts, out of which the first game “Skyword Sword” turned out to be the most fitting option for the new gamers, as it is the least puzzling part to play in the series. This game has detailed tutorials, and an ever-present guide for the new gamers to help them understand the game better. It has a fun-filled combination of action and adventure, always keeping the new gamers hooked to the world of Zelda.

4. The last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us Part 2:

This is a two-part game, based on the post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies who were once human beings. It has an elderly man and a young teen as main players who embark on a survival journey across the United States. This game has amazing voice-overs and great cinematic visuals, making the gamer feel as if he is watching a movie.

5. Slime Rancher:

It is a de-stressing game for those new gamers who want to relax after a long day by picking up slimes in a remote village and placing them in a home base where they get to take care of them so that the slimes help the gamers in overcoming the obstacles in the game. It has adventure, fun, and even a little insight into the life of a rancher.

All these games are available on modern consoles like Xbox, PS4, and PS5.

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