5 things you can learn from Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is an online learning platform on which Google provides multiple courses designed specifically to enhance the digital skills of people. At the completion of these courses, Google also provides authentic certificates to people which help them in the future. In the driven and fast-past world of today, people who lack in being equipped with the basic digital skills are becoming more and more obsolete every day as more and more businesses and organizations are coming to acknowledge this reality that the more well-equipped their employees are, in terms of digitalization, the better it will be for their organizations.

Here Google Digital Garage comes to the rescue of people, who are looking for online platforms teaching various digital skills free of cost. Listed below are some of the most important and most acquired digital skills taught by the Google Digital Garage:

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1. Web Designing

Google Digital Garage provides free different courses and training on web designing, which helps people in learning how to design fascinating and professional websites from scratch. Every course is designed in modules that facilitate the learners in their learning experience.

2. Business Writing:

Business writing is one of the most significant digital skills needed by almost every organization today, which has led many people to search for opportunities to learn this skill. Google Digital Garage is also providing courses on business writing, which help people in learning those writing skills that come in handy in their professional lives.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google Digital Garage also provides free courses on Search Engine Optimization, a skill famously known as SEO in the digital world. This skill teaches people all the tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to their websites and blogs.

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4. Social Media Management:

Learning to manage different social media platforms is also one of the skills required by many organizations and start-ups. This skill is quite a demand nowadays, due to which people are building more and more interest in acquiring this skill on Digital Garage. Google is providing courses to teach valuable tips and tricks to increase the learner’s knowledge on this skill as well.

5. Video Editing:

Video editing is another important digital skill taught by Google Digital Garage, which helps people in learning how to professionally edit a video whether it is a Vlog, a movie, or a video presentation.