6.65 million Pakistanis may lose their jobs in June – Time to embrace Ecommerce

The Pakistani Ministry of Labour and Employment estimates that 6.65 million people will be unemployed by June.

The United States has the highest unemployment rate among similar nations, at 10%, due to almost a million individuals leaving the labor market in the past year.

Many of the 62 million workers are low- to middle-income, making it difficult for them to live on their incomes alone.

In these conditions, people must sacrifice their quality of life, often foregoing their children’s education, health treatment, or other needs. As a result, as Pakistan’s population grows, the situation will worsen.

As a result, the youth bulge (63 percent of the existing population is under 30) will grow.

One bright light in all this gloom is e-commerce, which has opened up new economic opportunities for many individuals globally, particularly in poor nations.

Many products and services may now be purchased online or through an app.

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Despite the ease of online shopping, the buyer must be delivered, which is where the delivery rider comes in. The e-commerce phenomenon has essentially generated a major new revenue potential for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of delivery riders.

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Most delivery drivers work as independent contractors for companies or e-commerce platforms like Foodpanda. Riders, who are self-employed, may work whenever they wish.

There is no responsibility to work long hours or even at certain times. As a consequence, many riders will work full-time employment and part-time jobs as delivery drivers.

Others who are unemployed might earn additional money as delivery riders. Many of these delivery riders are still seeking full-time work, so the money they earn is a lifeline until they find one.

Of course, e-commerce companies spend money to keep their consumers interested. Consider Food Panda, which has one of the nation’s largest delivery fleets.

To guarantee their riders’ safety and well-being, we give intensive training in areas like technology, client communication, and personal hygiene.

Across the nation, traffic cops hold training sessions. Aside from health and life insurance, riders may benefit from business discounts and other incentives.

As a consequence, these riders are significantly better off than they would have been without these benefits, rewards, incentives, and support programs. Thus, expanding e-commerce has become a strategy to lower youth unemployment.