A Flaw in Google Maps After Recent Android Auto Update

Maps are one of humanity’s oldest inventions. People used to sketch paths and locations before the invention of technology. They assign labels to them and calculate the distance between two points. This develops into a full-fledged map. However, as technology takes over the world, maps are changing as well. Navigation and travel were never as simple as they are now. For Android Auto users, Google Maps is by far the best navigating option. However, there are a variety of alternatives, including Waze.

Android Auto Update

For some Android Auto users, switching to one of these options appears to be their only option. After installing the most current update to the app, they experience an unusual issue. According to multiple posts on Google’s customer forums, updating to Android Auto 7.2 causes Google Maps to disappear in the car, making it difficult to use the navigation system. If it’s the primary app on your device. It’s unknown who is more and who isn’t affected. However, at first glance, the update appears to have made Google Maps unavailable just on Android Auto.

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The app is still on your phone, and you may use it normally even if your phone isn’t connected to your car’s head unit.

Recently, a customer who is having a similar problem claims to have already contacted Samsung for assistance in resolving the problem. Rather than denouncing the upgrade and recommending customers to contact Google, the Korean behemoth insists that the problem is not theirs.

Switch to Waze

Anyone suffering from this problem looks to have no choice except to switch to another program, such as Waze. Of course, if customers absolutely need Google Maps, they’ll have no choice except to turn off Android Auto. Instead, they use their smartphones to run the software, with the navigation displayed on the screen.