A secure, Google-less phone with GrapheneOS out of the box could soon grace the Market

The good old CopperheadOS is now renowned as GrapheneOS.

Custom ROMs are not as popular these days as they were in the days of yore (like five years in the past, no less than), but there are some reasons to use them. One of those reasons is security. Few ROMs have highly secure operations as configuration. It enhances the functionality of the phones, offers additional features and patches, and is almost free from google privacy influence.

If you want to use them and are afraid of reprogramming your phone, do not worry, GrapheneOS is ready to make a partnership with a device manufacturer to launch a phone running its software out of the box.

The project developer announced last week that while they were not detailing which OEM they were thinking about yet, their talk about pixel-level quality was interesting.

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When Graphene was known as CopperheadOS, it used to sell Pixel phones preloaded with its software, and we have seen other privacy-focused projects like /e/OS sell reconditioned and new phones running that software. Even still, this GrapheneOS effort to deliver a new phone running its software out of the box represents a bold new chapter for this sort of endeavor.

We can only guess which OEM is helping with the GrapheneOS-powered phone. This phone would not ship with Google services since that’s one of the prominent selling features of GrapheneOS, or if it did, they would come in a minimal capacity. After all, this ROM is for those of you who want a cohesive, Google-less experience.

We also don’t yet know when we can expect to take a look at this hardware — the official announcement says that we will need to wait a few months to know who this OEM would be. Until then, we have plenty of time to guess.