Alienware’s Concept Nyx puts a dedicated game streaming server in your house

Alienware presented Concept Nyx, an experimental game streaming solution, at CES 2022. Alienware envisions a house filled with PC gamers vying for a single Wi-Fi connection, as well as a limited amount of rooms and screens. Even while this isn’t a problem that most families are facing today, Alienware’s solution is intriguing.

Concept Nyx is, at its core, a home server capable of streaming games to any device. That means you have a single huge machine powering numerous game sessions at the same time in your home. Alienware wants to be able to run four separate games at once. A black obelisk with an Alienware emblem was shown at a Dell presentation ahead of CES 2022, around the size of a large mini-fridge. Alienware wants to show off the concept itself.

On an adjacent workstation, the demo began with some Cyberpunk 2077. Dell has developed its own proprietary software that integrates titles from a variety of game retailers, including Steam and Epic Games.

In the demo, the performance wasn’t ideal. There was a lot of lag between the wireless controller and the game, even more than with a cloud-based streaming program like Game Pass. Putting that aside, the local game streaming service was up and running, displaying everything that was happening on the screen.

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We went over to the couch with the same controller and wirelessly switched the same game to a new setting. On the other hand, someone else was already engrossed in their own Rocket League game on the couch. So, what exactly does Concept Nyx entail? It divides the screen in half, effortlessly playing both games at the same time.

That’s an impressive party trick. After that, we could either continue playing independently or combine our games. I’d exited Cyberpunk and jumped into full-screen Rocket League in a matter of seconds.

This demonstrates the true potential of game streaming, especially when applied to a circumstance as specialized as this. The more alternatives like Nyx may be, the fewer games and gaming accounts are connected to specific hardware — or even individual systems.

Of course, the entire project is really a test. Bringing experimental concepts to CES has been a Dell tradition, whether it’s the Alienware Concept UFO gaming portable or the Concept Pari wireless webcam. Concept Nyx, on the other hand, feels even more like a test than those. Buying this undoubtedly pricey server and installing it in one’s living room seems like a pretty old-school solution to this problem. And, of course, most people would have no use for such power.

It’s fascinating to see firms like Alienware explore disconnected accounts, games, and systems from the concept of game streaming, even though I wouldn’t anticipate it.