All new houses in UK to have Electric Vehicle charging stations by 2022

Starting in 2022, all new houses and businesses in the UK will be obliged to include electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, according to the government. The new initiative intends to increase electric vehicle adoption in the country by introducing up to 145,000 additional charging stations per year.

“This means people will be able to buy new homes that are already prepared for an electric vehicle future, while charge stations will be widely available at new stores and offices throughout the UK, making it as simple as fuelling a petrol or diesel car today,” according to the press release.

The UK government has already committed to installing over 250,000 charging stations, so the new laws would boost that number by more than half in the first year. The regulation applies to buildings such as shops and businesses, as well as large-scale restorations with more than 10 parking spots. However, the guidelines’ specifics, such as the installation’s requirements and power outputs, have yet to be revealed.

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London and the southeast of the nation have more charging stations than the rest of England and Wales combined, according to the opposition Labour Party, and the new rule does not help. According to the BBC, it also stated that it does not include any provisions that would make electric vehicles more accessible to low- and middle-income people.

By 2030, the UK government hopes to have totally phased out the sale of fossil fuel vehicles, ten years ahead of schedule. The government has previously stated that it is willing to invest £500 million (about $660 million) in the country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.