Android users can’t dial 911, is this you Microsoft Teams?

For some Android users, especially the ones using Google Pixel phones, you can’t dial 911 because you are not logged into your Microsoft Teams account.

I’m not going to sit here and criticize modern technology; on the contrary, I’m going to embrace it. Smartphones have a certain allure that persists to this day. I can use them to watch movies, listen to music, work, and pretty much anything else.

Despite this, I, a caveman, still want my phone to perform one fundamental function of a phone: ‘to make a call’.

And this entails actions such as dialing 911. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but it may be right now. If you’re using an Android device. You have installed Microsoft Teams but you are not logged into the app.

Yes, friends, a Reddit user described a problem reaching American emergency services last week. They utilized a Verizon Pixel 3 that was running Android 11 at the time.

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The user dialed 911 emergency services due to the condition of his mother. Their phone became stuck after one ring, and they couldn’t “do anything other than scroll through applications while an emergency phone call was ringing in the background.”

Google has now verified the bug’s existence and responded to the problem.

The business cited the two aforementioned causes for the problem in their statement (which was, of course, reported on Reddit): Microsoft Teams has been downloaded by the user. They’re also not logged in.

Google has indicated that it is collaborating with Microsoft to resolve the problem. But what if you’re concerned about it right now? Make sure Microsoft Teams is “uninstalled and reinstalled.” I’m sure that gives everyone a sense of relief.

Modern cellphones, as I indicated at the outset of this article, are wonderful. This is due to the fact that they are also mind-bogglingly complicated. It’s nearly difficult for a single person to grasp all of the complexities of today’s mobile operating systems. Making calls — especially to emergency agencies — must be fundamental, to say the least.

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