Apple acquires AI Music startup that generates Dynamic Songs for Users

Apple has acquired a UK-based AI Music startup. According to a Bloomberg report, this startup can generate personalized soundtracks and adaptive music using artificial intelligence.

AI Music has developed an “Infinite Music Engine” to create bespoke audio solutions for marketers, publishers, fitness professionals, and creative agencies.

The technology can generate dynamic soundtracks that change based on user interaction. Music during a workout, for example, could change based on the wearer’s heartbeat, adjusting to workout intensity. The company described it as a feature that could allow advertisers to create audio that would match user context, like mood.

The technology can generate dynamic soundtracks according to user interaction or shift in their body activity like music during a workout, increase in heartbeat, technology can detect body variation and switch soundtrack to user context, like mood.

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AI Music allows all stakeholders like brands, developers, and sonic adventurers access to an intelligent music library. They aim to give consumers the power to choose the music they want. Apple has completed its purchase of a UK-based company recently in these weeks. Before the acquisition of this company, AI Music had approximately two dozen employees. For working on such impressive technology, this workforce is not enough. But it seems the company has some brilliant minds. However, quality work is better than quantitative work.

Apple can potentially make use of AI Music technology in several ways. Songs that can be updated based on heartbeat can be useful for the Apple Fitness app, and Apple’s Photo app uses royalty-free music to provide songs for photo slideshows, so on-demand generated music that matches mood could come in handy for that purpose.