Apple Stores gets Tool for updating AirPod Pro to Latest Firmware Version

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As many AirPod owners are likely aware, Apple’s wireless headphones, although unquestionably fantastic equipment, may, like any other piece of technology, have issues. When it comes to firmware difficulties, though, the devices may be a hassle to fix because there is no physical method to upgrade them. This is about to change in the first week of next week.

On Friday, leaker Stella Fudge disclosed that Apple was planning to release an AirPods firmware updater tool to aid with particular issues with the devices. When the updated software is released, AirPods that are in their charging cases and attached to a power source are meant to download it immediately, but this doesn’t always happen. MacRumors later confirmed the firmware updater after obtaining an internal Apple document explaining the program.

Don’t get too worked up. This doesn’t imply you’ll have a tool on hand to fix your AirPods at home if they break down due to a firmware error.

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The gadget will only be available at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers, according to Stella Fudge and MacRumors. It will not be available to users, and there is currently no sign that Apple will reverse its stance. The firmware updater will be accessible to retailers and carriers starting early next week, according to the outlet.

So, what issues will be addressed by the firmware updater? According to MacRumors, specialists will be able to force the devices to download the newest software in order to try to fix specific issues, such as if one of a user’s AirPods failed to update properly. They’ll also be able to assist AirPod customers who don’t have Apple devices, as well as those who acquired a replacement AirPod Pro or charging case with a different software version than the one they now have.

It’s presently unknown which AirPod models can be updated with Apple’s new firmware updater tool. Technicians can use it on AirPods Pro with a wireless charging case or a MagSafe charging case, according to MacRumors, but whether it can be used on other versions is unknown. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.