Apple to release iPad Air (2022) this spring with A15 Bionic

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Apple is widely expected to conduct a special event this Spring to refresh some of its product lines, including possibly announcing an update to the iPhone SE, but the iPad Air could also see some love.

The excellent upgraded Air was released in 2020, but its new look doesn’t feel that old, indicating that, while it remains a strong tablet, Apple has added some additional power to it without having to go to great lengths.

The biggest addition will be Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, which has more processing power than the 2020 iPad Air and would be welcome if tiny under-the-hood upgrade – just the kind Apple likes to make to keep things fresh.

While Apple’s M1 CPUs have been awarded to the iPad Pro line, keeping the iPad Air a little less powerful would begin to close the gap between the Air and the Pro, which is actually a good thing in terms of marketing clarity. After all, the 2020 iPad was for a long time the most powerful device available when it was released.

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There will be some other pleasant enhancements, like an updated 12MP wide-angle FaceTime selfie camera, an upgrade to the main camera unit’s flash capabilities, and the introduction of 5G connectivity, according to Apple Insider, but we expect the headliner will be the newer CPU.

This is still a rumor until Apple makes an official announcement, so don’t be surprised if a Spring event rolls through town with no news on the iPad Air.