Are Samsung’s foldable phones tough? Watch Video

Samsung’s third generation of folding phones is super awesome and no other phone maker is going to catch up any time soon.

Samsung has revealed fresh information regarding how the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are tested for durability. However, given that both phones were released in August, it’s unclear why Samsung is revealing this information now; we suspect it’s an attempt to alleviate anxieties generated by recent reports of cracks on Galaxy Z Flip 3 screens.

Samsung demonstrates four different tests in a video on its website. One puts the phones in an environmental laboratory, where Samsung tests them in various conditions to ensure that they continue to function. Another test involves submerging the phones underwater. On the Z Fold 3, one employs a robot arm to test the performance of the S Pen. The last test folds the phones over and over. You can check out the video below.

Samsung has flaunted its pressure tests previously — one video from 2012 showed a robot butt sitting on phones, for instance. Also, it’s not simply Samsung; Apple portrayed its phone radio wire testing exhaustively because of the iPhone 4’s “Antennagate” embarrassment and flaunted its iPhone testing lab after the iPhone 6 was observed to be inclined to twisting.

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However, Samsung’s tests displayed recently don’t explicitly resolve the issue of why Z Flip 3 screens appear to be breaking. There are expanding quantities of reports of breaks showing up in the center of the screen directly concerning where the phone’s pivot is.

As of late, I got my Galaxy Z Flip 3 survey unit following a couple of days of no utilization, and I was stunned to see that the super slight glass had broken. I hadn’t dropped the phone lately (just a single time in my use, weeks in advance), I hadn’t presented it to outrageous hotness or cold, I hadn’t even truly contacted it throughout somewhere around a couple of days, so the broke glass came as an authentic shock to me.

A user on Reddit posted with regards to a comparative issue after under three days of possessing the phone. One more said their phone’s screen broke inside 24 hours. Furthermore, the issue doesn’t appear to be selective to the Z Flip 3; as brought up by 9to5Google, Michael Fisher (otherwise known as MrMobile) said he saw little breaks on the depend on his Z Fold 2.

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Probably the greatest inquiry concerning Samsung’s foldable has consistently been their strength, particularly after the principal Fold was deferred because screens were breaking on audit units. The detailed issues with breaks show that there may in any case be a few issues for Samsung to tackle to guarantee that their foldable phones don’t break as time goes on.