China’s 4th homegrown Nuclear Reactor goes live in Pakistan

China built a new nuclear reactor for Pakistan, it became the fourth reactor of the country.

On Friday, China National Nuclear Corp, a state-owned enterprise known as CNNC, announced that the Karachi nuclear power plant had installed its second Hualong One reactor and connected the unit to the grid. 

Commercial operation of the reactor will follow a brief phase of testing. It can generate 1,100 megawatts of electricity. Commercial operations for the Hualong One reactor, the first of its kind, will begin in May 2021, when scheduled to go online in March. 

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The high-pressure reactor of the third generation, CNNC, and China General Nuclear Power Group have jointly developed the Hualong One. According to reports, it was built on an earlier model made in the United States and France.

The Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in China’s Fujian Province will begin operating the first Hualong One reactor in November 2020. A second reactor, Haloung One, has now been constructed at the plant.

To show how important Pakistan is to China’s Belt and Road project, Pakistan hosted the first reactor outside of China that used Hualong One technology. According to local media, China is currently building around 10 Hualong One reactors. A Hualong One will be constructed in Argentina by CNNC in February. 

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The UK is currently working on yet another construction project. As a result of its rapid growth, China is constructing nuclear reactors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government aims to become carbon neutral by 2060. Nuclear reactors are a major component of Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” plan for industrial modernization, which started in 2015.