Elon Musk unveils new Humanoid Robot ‘intended to be friendly’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently divulged a humanoid robot considered the Tesla Bot that sudden spikes in demand for a similar AI utilized by Tesla’s armada of autonomous vehicles. Sadly, any working form of the robot wasn’t unveiled during Musk’s presentation, however, a slightly strange dance by an entertainer dressed like a Tesla Bot showed up.

The unforeseen uncover came toward the finish of Tesla’s AI Day show, with Musk giving not many details about the slightly dreadful, Slenderman-like robot past a couple of PowerPoint slides. The 5-foot-8-inch robot is relied upon to tip the scales at 125 pounds and be worked from “lightweight materials,” he said.

Musk’s innovative work at Tesla and SpaceX has disturbed the auto and space businesses. But at the same time, he’s procured a standing for missing deadlines and overpromising. Musk hasn’t met numerous forceful claims for when Tesla self-driving vehicles would be prepared for mass business use. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is exploring the security of Tesla’s autonomous driving software, and two US Senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission to research whether Tesla’s showcasing of its autonomous drive software is deceptive.

Musk depicted the robot as an augmentation of Tesla’s work to fabricate self-driving vehicles. The robot will utilize a similar microprocessor, and explore with eight cameras, the same as Tesla’s vehicles.

Unlike different carmakers that burn through millions on publicizing, Musk’s personality sells vehicles—and a ton of them. His lighthearted, slightly silly schtick covers the clouded side of AI. There is a genuine worry that as innovation progresses, there will be millions of Americans that could be uprooted, lose their jobs and end up coming up short on the skills expected to contend.

Musk said the robot would have “significant” sway on the economy, as AI and innovations invalidate the requirement for human workers. He battles that actual work would be a decision later on. With fewer jobs available, because of mechanical progressions, an all-inclusive fundamental pay would be required.

The AI Day comes closely following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s examination concerning the wellbeing of Tesla’s autonomous driving software. A few U.S. legislators went to the Federal Trade Commission and requested that the office examine Tesla’s advertising of its autonomous drive software to decide whether it’s been deceptive.