Elon Musk’s weird tech joke about Microsoft had an impact on business

Elon Musk is getting popular with his funny tech jokes as well. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, took a swipe at Microsoft on Sunday, his second such jab at a major giant in a week. Elon Musk is getting popular with his funny tech jokes as well.

What Happened: On Sunday, Musk shared a tech joke on Twitter, saying that “macrohard” was still better than “Microsoft.”

The Tesla CEO, on the other hand, commended Microsoft’s workplace communication program Teams, calling it “quite good.” Just recently, Microsoft shares fell 0.51 percent to $309.16 per share and experts are of the view that this happened due to Elon’s remarks about the company as it has happened with other big tech giants as well.

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Grimes, Musk’s former lover, had earlier tweeted a similar tech joke along with some of her own photos, asking — perhaps rhetorically — “why be Microsoft when [you] can be Macrohard?”

Why Does It Matter? The billionaire entrepreneur, whose net wealth has now surpassed that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway founder Warren Buffett, has been unafraid to share his opinions or comments on social media, some of which have landed him in regulatory hot water.

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Musk stated on Twitter last week that huge tech businesses are “places where talent goes to die.” He was replying to a tweet from JD Ross, who said that Alphabet subsidiary Google’s “biggest evil” is molding talented 22-year-olds into complacent careerists rather than ambitious startups who might one day compete with them.