Falling birthrate could threaten human civilization: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated that “not enough people” exist, posing a threat to human civilization.

At the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council, the father of six said, “I think one of the biggest hazards to civilization is the low birth rate and steadily dropping birthrate.”

“Despite this, many people, including intelligent people, believe there are too many people in the world and that population growth is out of control. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. Please consider the statistics: if individuals do not have more children, civilization will fall apart, mark my words “he stated

Musk was responding to a query on how the Tesla Bot could be able to help with labour issues. Musk’s intended “humanoid robot” will be constructed using Tesla’s self-driving car artificial intelligence, according to Musk. During a Tesla AI event in August, Musk stated that the Bot would be capable of deadlifting up to 150 pounds and travelling at a speed of around 5 mph.

The Tesla Bot, according to Musk, might become a “generalised substitute for human labour over time.” The worldwide birthrate has been continuously falling since 1960, according to the World Bank.

At the same event, Musk addressed the problem of ageing, saying that people should not “try to live for a tremendously long time.”

“I believe it is necessary for us to die since most people do not change their minds after they die. If they live forever, we may create a terribly ossified society in which new ideas are unable to thrive ” he stated.

“I’m not making a joke about becoming older. I’m just saying that if we have people in high-ranking positions who must make vital decisions for the country’s security, they must have sufficient presence of mind and cognitive ability to make those judgments correctly — because the country’s security depends on them “Musk went on to remark.

He argued on Twitter this week that anyone beyond the age of 70 should be prevented from standing for public office.

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