FIA starts investigation over Social Media campaign against Army & Judiciary

An investigation has begun into a social media campaign that targeted Pakistan’s judiciary and military. The cybercrime unit of the Federal Inquiry Agency (FIA) is looking into this.

The Preventing Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 is what makes the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime Wing (CCW) what it is. This is because cybercrime is becoming more and more dangerous. In 2007, this department was set up to find and stop people from using technology in a non-ethical way.

According to sources, FIA started an investigation after the interior minister gave them the go-ahead. Then, they said: FIA is inspecting social media campaigns against the military and judiciary. Pages active in a social media campaign against Pakistan’s courts and military are part of the bigger mess, and anyone found guilty will face harsh punishments. 

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The goal of social media campaigns is to turn public opinion against the judiciary and the military. To get people behind the campaign to do something, he told the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to do something when he was chairing a meeting of party leaders.

Hashi, who is accused of organising a campaign against Imran Khan, was arrested and is in custody now. There have been reports that the prime minister has been told about the situation and the people who used PTI photos on social media to vilify people are now being found. The Prime Minister has asked the FIA to take legal action against anyone who took part in the campaign.

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