Finally, Nvidia and AMD GPU street prices are beginning to drop

It appears like Nvidia and AMD GPU costs are finally starting to fall. Tom’s Hardware in the United States and in Germany have been tracking eBay and local retail prices, respectively, and they’ve noticed the same thing: practically every new graphics card from Nvidia and AMD has taken a significant hit.

Nvidia RTX 3080  would have cost you $1,773 on the street just two months ago, more than twice the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. That was typical of the hottest graphics cards, and Tom’s Hardware indicates things got slightly worse in December. However, in January, those costs fell 11% to a little under $1,600 on average.

The RTX 3080 isn’t the only RTX 3000 and AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics card that has had a price drop of 5 to 10%, with the RX 6900 XT being the only one that has seen a price increase.

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However, according to Tom’s Hardware, the volume of sales on eBay has decreased significantly, and certain cards were scarcely trading to begin with: only nine Radeon RX 6800 units changed hands in a week. It’s possible that prices are falling as a result of some individuals giving up and refusing to pay scalper fees.

Perhaps it has anything to do with the current plunge in bitcoin prices. It’ll be fascinating to watch if the latest fall pulls GPU prices down further, as miners will no longer value them as highly. When miners are unable to put their graphics cards to use, they frequently sell significant volumes of them. 

However, according to, the drop isn’t just happening when GPUs are sold secondhand, but also at German merchants.

 With these two reports, it feels like a promising omen — even if you’ll still have to pay more than twice the MSRP for an RTX 3060 Ti at the moment.

On the console front, secondhand eBay prices for the PS5 and Xbox Series X are also falling. I looked at eBay prices over the last three months and found that both Sony and Microsoft’s flagship systems have fallen $100 in price, from an average of $800 to roughly $700.