From Digital Farts to Crypto Toilet Papers: Meet the 6 Craziest NFTs of 2021

Few would deny that NFTs became the defining cultural medium of 2021. Beeple and Pak created headlines and broke records at auction houses. Mark Zuckerberg plucked the phrase “metaverse” from the Geek Bible and pushed it into the mainstream. Here are some of the weird fruits of the NFT boom of 2021.


Sunbeam delved into web3 and auctioned off just such an NFT on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, with bids starting at 0.03 Ethereum (about $100) in honour of the Crockpot’s 50th anniversary. The movie shows a blocky, 2D animation of the original 1971 model bursting over with some type of ragout. The dinner-preparation marvel then transforms into sleeker models from the newly-launched Design Series, which are warming a pot of ramen. Sunbeam sank his teeth into the metaphor.


Jenkins the Valet is a digital character that originated in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Jenkins, a surly-looking ape with a strong underbite and terrible teeth, was created by Tally Labs. He has over 25,000 Twitter followers, and he started sharing his origin tale in May. Three months later, he launched a book that sold out in six minutes producing $1.5 million in sales. Buyers were granted access to The Writer’s Room, a members-only website where they could contribute to an NFT book by playing a choose-your-own-adventure game.

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Look Labs in Berlin created the world’s first “digital scent” Using near-infrared spectroscopy to produce a digital reflection of a perfume’s molecular frequencies. The unisex perfume was then released in 888 physical versions, with the number 888 being a reference to the French perfumery that created it. The scent is described as a combination of “wooden wood and amber with a center of incense, chilling out the scent into calm wooden notes and amber”.


Da Dogg Gone Gym is the first NFT sitcom. Snoop Dogg has acquired $17 million in NFTs, including nine coveted CryptoPunks. The rapper’s developing NFT business includes the Globetrotters initiative. He released an original track, NFT, as a non-fungible coin in March.


The first-ever NFTP (non-fungible toilet paper) has entered the crypto market. The marketing ploy went even further, with consumers being able to “hang your NFTP in your bathroom beside your IRL rolls”. Five different NFT memorabilia was up for auction, with early bids ranging from $500 to $2,100. The move was one of many by businesses such as Pizza Hut, Budweiser, and Adidas to enter the market.


Filmmaker Alex Ramrez-Mallis made a series of fart videos to comment on the NFT craze. The noises were captured over the course of a year with a group of friends during quarantine. He and his friends compiled the recordings into a 52-minute audio file and sold it on the blockchain. “These NFTs aren’t even farts; they’re merely digital alphanumeric strings indicating ownership.”