Get $300k and allow a Robotics company to use your face and voice ‘forever’

An interesting offer has been made by a Russian robotics business. The business is offering to pay someone $200,000 ($293,732) to utilize their face and voice in a robot that looks and acts like a person.

Promobot has been “searching a face for a humanoid robot assistant that will operate in hotels, retail malls, and other congested venues,” according to a news release. According to Gizmodo, “the corporation is offering to pay $200,000 to someone willing to relinquish the rights to use one’s face indefinitely.”

While applications are no longer being accepted, the firm was searching for persons over the age of 25 of all genders and colors. Aside from that, the sole requirement was that the person has a “kind and welcoming” appearance.

In a statement, Promobot stated, “Our firm is developing technologies in the fields of face recognition, voice, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, and other areas of robotics.”

“We’ve been building and distributing humanoid robots to the market since 2019.” Our new clients want to start a large-scale project, and in order to avoid legal complications, they need to license a new robot appearance.”

The robot assistant will be used by Promobot’s American clients in both North America and the Middle East, with the robot’s “activities” commencing in 2023. On Tuesday, the number of applications was met, and the project was taken down from the company’s website.

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“We have received over 20,000 applications today, and our customer has chosen to halt the collecting of requests.” “We’d want to express our gratitude to everyone who took part,” says an update on the Promobot website.

The humanoid robot, according to Newsweek, will include a 3D representation of the applicant’s face and body. The candidate will also be required to record around 100 hours of speech for the robot’s voice.