Gmail wants to become your one-stop productivity web app, whether you like it or not

If an Android user accidentally or not so accidentally deletes some of his photos from his phone, or worse, resets his entire phone.

Get ready to see a new blend of web apps.

As work from home became the norm, millions of individuals around the world began holding virtual meetings and classes, the epidemic led to a rise in the usage of applications like Google Meet and Chat. Google took advantage of the chance to combine Gmail Chat and Meet with mobile Gmail. Now, the business is solidifying this integration with a new Gmail web style that blends Chat, Spaces, and Meet with the main inbox view. Last year, when it changed Rooms to Spaces and linked it with Docs, Meet, and other services, the firm teased this look.

The new design includes a left-hand navigation panel that allows users to quickly transition between their emails, Spaces or Chats discussions, and Meet meetings without changing browser tabs. The menu replaces the current Gmail design’s sidebar sections for these three services, and everything appears a lot more now in accordance with Gmail’s Material You revamp on Android.

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Notification bubbles will also be there to alert users to any vital information that deserves their attention. Users can view the whole conversations list on a single screen in Chat or Spaces, while the inbox view will continue to show the full list of emails and labels as it does now. According to Google’s announcement, it will roll out an integrated search in the next few months that will show email and chat results in the search bar, which is a significant improvement over the existing approach, which requires users to flick between these results.

Starting in February 2022, users will be able to opt-in to the integrated view, which will then become the default look for Gmail users by April. An option to switch to the earlier layout will be available for a limited period, but it will be completely deleted by the end of Q2 2022. Around the same time, Google Chat users on the web will have a more streamlined navigation experience.

The opt-in option will be available beginning February 8, 2022, so get ready for your email operations to be turned upside down sooner.