Google Assistant app cross 1 Billion installs

If an Android user accidentally or not so accidentally deletes some of his photos from his phone, or worse, resets his entire phone.

Virtual assistants are unquestionably beneficial. By just talking to your smartphone, you may message your friends, control your smart gadgets, and search for information online, to name a few things. Because it is the most feature-rich of them all, Google Assistant is the most popular. It’s so popular that the app has now topped 1 billion downloads on Google Play.

You don’t need to install the Google Assistant from the Play Store because it’s already incorporated inside the Google App that comes pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones. Although it’s probable that many users aren’t aware of this distinction, the separate app is simply a shortcut for activating the Assistant. Regardless, the app attracts a significant number of users. It reached the 500 million install milestone about 7 months ago, but since then, it’s more than doubled.

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While you can activate the Assistant by long-pressing the power button or saying “Okay Google” on many Android phones, installing the app allows you to access it from the google app or home screen, which is undoubtedly more convenient for some users. You may also get shortcuts to Explore, My Day, and Settings by long-pressing the app’s icon.

If you wish to install the app and contribute to its ever-growing install base, go to the Play Store using this link.