Google Chrome finally changes its Logo after 8 Years

Google Chrome is changing its logo for the first time in 8 years from around 2014. It’s too difficult to differentiate this logo from the older one because the changes are subtle.

The designer for Google Chrome, Elvin Hu, tweets about the updated logo and tells about the thinking behind the subtle changes.

Rather than consolidating shadows on the lines between each color, basically “raising” them off the screen, the red, yellow, and green are essentially flat. And keeping in mind that not referenced by Hu, the blue circle is more solid in the center and attracts the viewer’s eyes considerably more, yet perhaps that is only my imagination.

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The colors used in the logo looked more vibrant.

After reading Hu’s Twitter thread, I noticed another change: that the designing team was getting rid of color shadows.

It was discovered by Google’s design team that the placement of green and red to each other created unpleasant vibrations of colors. Then they used subtle gradients to prevent any color vibration.

Google has also created ‘OS-specific customizations’ according to Hu, who explained that Google wants the icons to ‘feel recognizably Chrome, but also well-crafted for each OS. The icons take on an obviously graduated look, appearing at home on Windows 10 & 11.

There are additionally a few new icons for the beta and designer renditions of the Chrome logo, with the most sensational change being an outline style symbol for the beta application on iOS. Hu additionally noticed that the planning group tried different things with a white line that serves as the boundary between each color, however, observed that this made the general symbol smaller, conceivably making it harder to perceive among other Google applications.

From 2008 as of not long ago, the Chrome logo has been getting step by step more simple, as a glossy, three-layered image has been crushed down into a 2D image. Yet again perhaps one day I’ll get my desire and see that practically unmistakable 2008 Chrome logo beauty in my work area. However, not today.