Google Maps Tips: Learn about new features

Many of you plan to travel somewhere far away during the winter season; if you’re going somewhere and don’t know the roads, you can use Google Maps to navigate. Google Maps used to be just for getting directions, but nowadays it has evolved into a full trip package.

Today, we’ll discover several Google Maps tips that will make holidays more enjoyable.

Vacation Package Tracking

It’s challenging to keep track of all your reservations while on the road. In that situation, finding them in your inbox is just as aggravating. However, Maps can help you plan your route. With the help of which you can check your holiday flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant reservations quickly, saving time and allowing you to focus solely on enjoying your vacation.

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Also, check your subsequent reservations

  1. You must first go to Google Maps in order to do so. Then, from the options at the bottom, select Save to Room.
  2. Then click Appointments to get a list of all your upcoming reservations that Maps has deleted from your Gmail account
  3. If you click on one of the reservations, you will learn more about the reservation’s date, location, and other details.
  4. The quickest method is to type “My reservation” directly into the Google Maps search box.

Reserve a table at a restaurant on Google Maps

You may now reserve a table in a restaurant using Maps, but you must first go to Google Maps. Then, at the top, touch on the Restaurant option to view a list of all the closest restaurants.

Then you must select your preferred eatery. Then, on the screen, a pop-up option to reserve a table appears. Here you’ll also locate the best places to eat and their contact information.

In November, Google Maps said that the directory page would be expanded to include all airports, shopping malls, and transportation stations. This will save you time looking for places to eat or shop before your trip. Maps will show you the location of your favorite store and how long it has been open. As a result, you won’t have to spend much time thinking about your next reservation, and you won’t have time to research good restaurants and shopping malls to make the most of your holiday.