Have a look at iPhone 13 built of molten Tesla Model 3

Here’s what you can get by combining Elon’s innovation with Apple’s iPhone 13.

Smartphones currently have a lot in common, and the uniqueness element is gone. Granted, you can get a gorgeous case or a limited-edition color, but that’s about it. Caviar (through LetsGoDigital) is of the opinion that this is not the case.

For several years, the Russian phone customization studio has been pimping phones, and their latest creation features a molten Tesla Model 3 and Elon Musk’s bust. The phone in issue is an Electra Limited Edition of an iPhone 13 Pro (the Pro Max variant is also available).

A Tesla Model 3 was torched (or at least sections of it) and metal inserts were slapped into the phone’s body by Russians. There’s an aluminum plate with several fascinating carvings, including an Elon Musk headshot and the Tesla logo.

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The remainder of the phone is composed of high-end materials as well, including titanium in the body and a copper plate produced from the cathode of Tesla’s lithium-ion battery. And if you think that’s weird, wait till you hear about Elon Musk’s bust.

The bust is composed of fused automobile pieces, primarily tin from the Model 3’s hood and doors. People who collect caviar think that possessing the bust will bring you good fortune and make you as prosperous as Musk. However, you’ll have to pay $3,220 for the opportunity.

Caviar’s founder, Sergey Kitov: For us, smartphones and busts built from Tesla cars are on a whole other level. These new things, in my view, encapsulate Elon Musk’s essence, and as a result, they will transmit the success and inventiveness of this extraordinary person to their owners.