Here are the 2 Extra Steps before you can download Windows 11

The gradual rollout of Windows 11 began on Tuesday. The new upgrade includes a new, more streamlined design as well as updated features such as support for Android apps, easy switching between multiple virtual desktops, and improved multitasking. Microsoft included several Mac-like features, and there are even future plans to run Android applications on Windows 11.

Be that as it may, there’s a catch before downloading the new working framework. First of all, Microsoft is utilizing a staged rollout for Windows 11. Also, before you download, you’ll need a Wi-Fi association and a Windows 11 Home record. Luckily, Windows 10 clients can redesign for nothing. In any case, in case you’re setting up the latest Windows Home record – which a great many people utilizing it on an individual gadget will be – there are a couple of additional means you’ll need to take prior to getting to the new features.

We’ll explain all that you need to know prior to downloading Windows 11, including how to check if your PC is viable to ensure you meet the new necessities. Also, this is what to know whether you’re considering overhauling from Windows 10 to Windows 11 Home. This story was as of late refreshed.

You’ll need a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 Home, which grants you access to Microsoft goods and services. Don’t worry, making one is completely free.

People will not be required to sign in to Microsoft accounts if they use the latest Windows 11 Pro or the enterprise edition.

As Windows 11 becomes available, here’s how to set up a free Microsoft account:

1. Navigate to and choose Sign in.

2. Select Create one to create a new account. (If you already have an account, please sign in.)

3. Fill up your email address. If you’d rather establish a new email address through Microsoft (which will show as, click Get a new email address, input your desired information, and then click Next.

4. Make a secret phrase, and snap Next.

5. Enter your nation/locale and date of birth, and snap Next.

6. Search your email for a check code, and snap Next.

That is it!

You need to have a web association to set up Windows 11.

To download Windows 11 Home (and to make a Microsoft account), you’ll likewise be associated with the web. The justification for this is that the latest Windows will principally be conveyed as a Windows Update, similar to the fresher forms of Windows 10 have been.

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You’ll likewise require the web to perform future updates and to exploit a portion of the new Windows features, as per Microsoft, however, it hasn’t determined which ones at this point.

This prerequisite might represent an issue for individuals who need simple web access. Nonetheless, after you associate for the underlying arrangement, you don’t need to interface again on the off chance that you would prefer not to (however you ought to get significant security refreshes that forestall weaknesses).

In case you’re downloading Windows 11 on your present PC, simply ensure you’re associated with the web before you start the cycle. If you purchase another latest Windows PC after the OS is by and large delivered, you ought to be provoked to interface with the web when you’re setting it up.