Here are the 5 Best Budget and Personal Financing Apps you should try right now

Through these Apps, even a person with not much knowledge can easily budget their finances. These Apps are IOS as well android compatible.

Keeping a check on your financial records is quite a hassle in itself, while budgeting is a good way to keep a check and balance over everything, it is also a very tedious task when managing your budget manually from remembering and writing everything to calculations. 

To save people both their time and mind a lot of companies have designed and developed many budgeting Apps. Through these Apps, even a person with not much knowledge can easily budget their finances. These Apps are IOS as well android compatible. They have to be directly linked to your bank account as well as a credit card, this way they keep a track of all your spending and categorize them as needed. 

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These applications let you keep a check on your saving and spending habits. While there are so many Apps to look forward to, we have sorted out the more useful and meaningful among them.

●     Mint

Mint is a reliable App as it is owned by a well-known financial software company Intuit. It is a free App for budgeting and finance which is linked to the account that tracks all your billings and credit card services and alerts you when you have an upcoming bill due. This App gives you customized budgets and planning which provides you ways of saving and paying your debt. 

This App is easily understandable for everyone which is why it is rated the best on App Store as well as Google Play.

●    YNAB

YNAB is an abbreviation for You Need A Budget. It is a zero-based budgeting system app, which means it is a system where your expense equals your income. The best feature of this app is it lets you track each and every dollar that you spend or earn and it is designed in such a way to pay your debts as well as to set your financial goals and savings.

●    PocketGuard

PocketGuard is a budgeting application that connects with your bank account and credit card then categorizes all your savings, bills, and other expenses, and then gives you everyday expenditure. 

It is a free App but some of its features require a fee such as the ‘AutoSave’ feature which automatically saves for and make emergency funds as well.

●    Personal Capital

Personal Capital is great for investment and spending. It provides financial planning blogs for better learning and understanding of investment and secured future. It deals with long-term as well as short-term financial goals by providing different investment tools.

●    Good Budget

Good Budget works on an envelope system and unlike other applications, it does not sync with bank accounts, rather you have to insert the balance acquired from it. The App lets multiple devices share the same account, this way a shared household budget can be made.

The envelopes are categories where you insert your specific amount to it for large purchases, down payments, etc.