Here’s our first look at Meta’s Smartwatch

It’s only been a few days since Facebook announced the name change to Meta, and the firm also stated that Oculus Quest will be renamed Meta Quest in the coming year. Just after this extremely significant news, the first Facebook smartwatch was unveiled, and, well, it has a notch, which I’m not sure how people will react to.

This should come as no surprise to those who are aware of the smartphone’s existence, as it has been discussed in the past and present. Given that the company has recently undergone a rebranding, now appears to be an appropriate time to launch the smartwatch.

But don’t get too excited because it’s only a photo of the front, and there aren’t many specifics about the wristwatch yet.

The image comes from Bloomberg and demonstrates how the design of the rumored Facebook Watch or Meta Watch is similar to other wearables currently on the market. Many people may mistake it for an Apple Watch, and the detachable strap adds to that impression.

According to Bloomberg, the watch has a button on the top of the casing, as well as a front-facing camera on the watch face for selfies and video calling. However, we still don’t know if the watch will feature a camera on the back, although there have been rumors that the display will be detachable, allowing users to use the watch as a webcam in the past.

Facebook Watch will also be a wearable device that is not dependent on a smartphone. It will feature cellular connectivity and access to services such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Among the variety of typical features of smartwatches, we can expect extra services such as health tracking and monitoring. Facebook Watch is projected to launch as soon as 2022, but for now, we only have speculations to go on.