Here’s what you may have missed in Marvel’s Hawkeye Trailer

Marvel Studios, which is best known for making and producing American action movies and web series based on the heroes published in the Marvel Comics, has managed to release twenty-eight movies and twelve mini web series. This American film and TV studio have created an entire universe full of fictional superheroes which people know by the title of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). On the thirteenth of September 2021, Marvel Studio has released the trailer of one of its upcoming web series, known as Hawkeye.

In the trailer, the viewers can undoubtedly see the main characters played by Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfield as the second Hawkeye for the majority of the time, however for the briefest period, the marvel fans can also catch a glimpse of a new character played by Alaqua Cox, an American actress. Her character is famously known as the Echo and Maya Lopez in Marvel Comics.

Maya Lopez is a new Marvel Comic book character which Marvel Studio has secretly introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a universe comprising a vast range of characters having unique powers and strengths. This new Marvel character is believed to be known as a potential future Avenger who is soon to have an independent and a separate series based on her superpowers in the coming years.

The character of Maya Lopez is an expert pianist, a ballerina, an athlete, and a deadly assassin in the published comics, and is portrayed as a successful acrobat and someone with a strong photographic memory. This character will make a strong addition to the family of Marvel characters by expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Hawkeye web series will start its premiere on the twenty-fourth of December and end on the twenty-nine of December, as it will have a total of six episodes.