How to automate life using Google Assistant Routine?

When it comes to offering hands-free control, Google Assistant is quite handy, but it also has a number of other beneficial capabilities that many people are unaware of. One of these is ‘routines,’ which allows users to utilize Google Assistant to perform many activities with a single command. Users can utilize the pre-loaded voice commands or develop their own by specifying a set of tasks. For example, if you say “Hey Google, good morning,” the Assistant may switch on the lights, provide weather information, play music or news, and more.

Routines aren’t exactly new, and other systems like Amazon Alexa provide the capability as well. Google Assistant-enabled speakers, TVs, and phones, on the other hand, are extremely popular, allowing a huge user base to benefit.

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Begin by saying “Hey Google,” then going to Assistant Settings on your Android phone or tablet and tapping “routines” under “popular settings.” Choose a starting and action by tapping ‘New Add’ at the top of the screen. After you’ve finished selecting selections, press Save and Create Routine to finish the process. Users should remember to choose an Assistant-enabled device if the ‘routine’ is configured to start automatically and contains actions with audio. If you want to change an existing routine, go to the same settings and touch on it. The app leverages the home address and location for an optimized experience when starting a Google Assistant routine at dawn or dusk.

Users may also create a shortcut to their home screen from the same settings page. To remove a routine, go to edit and then remove routine’ at the bottom. Routines may also be set using an iPhone and Google Assistant-enabled speakers. On iPhones, open the app, click to Settings, and then routine. Then, press the plus symbol to add additional actions that you wish the virtual assistant to undertake in response to a single demand.