How to change WhatsApp number without losing all the chats?

We all love WhatsApp, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when you want to see a deleted message. But don’t worry! It’s actually...

WhatsApp users can easily change their phone number without losing their existing conversations.

Change Number is a feature of Meta’s instant messaging service that lets you change your current phone number.

Before you start to alter your WhatsApp account’s phone number, make sure that your existing number is active and that you can receive calls or messages.

Furthermore, the service is only available if you are changing your mobile number rather than your smartphone. If users want to switch devices, they should first back up their WhatsApp data on their old phone and then install it on their new phone using the same number.

To change your WhatsApp number, follow these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Change the number by going to Settings and selecting Account. “Changing your phone number will move your account info, groups, and settings,” says the screen.
  3. Then you must enter your old and new phone numbers. Enter your information and then press the Next button.
  4. You’ll be offered three options: all contacts, contacts with whom I’ve had chats, and custom.
  5. Done will appear on the screen.

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The app will now prompt you to register your new phone number. Similar to the WhatsApp registration process, a six-digit code will be provided to your new phone number. Fill up the blanks with your own ideas. Your WhatsApp contact will be changed after the process is complete, but your old chats will remain the same.