How to Speed Up your slow Internet connection

How to Speed Up your slow Internet connection

One of the main issues we face when browsing the internet is internet speed. Here’s a quick guide on how to increase the speed of your internet connection.

1. Ensure the router is located in a place with few physical obstructions

When you move around, wireless technology suffers in various ways. To ensure optimal performance, install a good router that’s placed in a place with fewer obstructions, such as a corner where there are fewer elements.

2. Update your router’s firmware and drivers

You can easily fix this problem by updating your router’s firmware and driver for this Open the router’s administration page and Go to the Wireless tab. If you’re on the same network as the router: Click the Wireless Button on the top-right Click on “Manage Additional Networks”, Click on the Add WLAN Network button Use the provided username and password That’s it. The system will automatically select the router’s preferred wireless network and reconnect you to it.

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3. Change the frequency of your wireless signal

Simply changing your wireless signal frequency can have a significant effect on your internet connection. Simply changing the frequency of your wireless signal, can have a significant effect on your internet connection.

4. Clear out and remove any excess files or downloads from your computer

When your computer is bogged down with stuff, it’s difficult to even open programs. Clean out your system files and remove any excess downloads. Do this as it helps in speeding up your internet connection. Turn off the wireless setting on your laptop and tablet devices to avoid unnecessary traffic.

5. Reset your modem and router to boost internet speed

A quick and easy way to improve the internet connection speed on your PC or laptop is to reset the modem/router to the factory settings and use the latest modem/router, even if it’s not the latest model. In most cases, it’s easy to reset the modem to factory settings.

6. Turn-off automatic updates and unnecessary tabs on browser

Turn off services you aren’t using. You can also create small to medium tasks that will save some amount of power. For example, turning off the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and iCloud services that you aren’t using every day can boost your internet speed by up to 30%. You should also uncheck the option for automatic network updates.