How to track the location of WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp can be used to locate contacts in an emergency, in addition to being a social media program for posting and calling. It is possible to monitor a user’s location for safety considerations if they have been offline for days or even months, or if they have sent messages that have not been delivered after a long period.

Sometimes your WhatsApp contacts may not have enabled permissions via WhatsApp to access location, don’t worry this method will work whatsoever.

Before you can see their location, make sure you’ve followed the procedures for using WhatsApp Web on a Windows 10 computer.

All other tabs should be closed, leaving only the WhatsApp Web tab active. Furthermore, you and the other user should have had a recent chat.

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Simply go to the official site to access WhatsApp Web. Simply go to the WhatsApp mobile app’s settings menu, click Linked Devices, touch on Link a Device, and scan the QR code using the app.

Follow these instructions once you’ve connected to WhatsApp Web:

  • Start a conversation with another user.
  • To open the Windows Task Manager, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Close all open programmes except the browser you’re using to chat.
  • To launch Run, press the Win (Windows logo) key + R, type cmd, then click Enter.
  • Enter ‘netstat –a –n –o’ and hit ‘Enter’ when the Command Prompt appears.
  • Make a list of the IP addresses.
  • Use an IP tracing website to enter the IPs.