Huawei’s next foldable phone is featuring a next-generation hinge design

According to industry sources at Zhaoli Technology, a smartphone hardware maker, Huawei’s upcoming foldable phone would include a next-generation hinge design. A smartphone maker is preparing to sell a phone with the revolutionary hinge, according to the business, which has been working on it for quite some time.

Huawei isn’t introducing smartphones as frequently as it did a year ago. During the harshest phase of the US ban, the firm is experiencing tremendous hurdles. However, at least in the foldable smartphone market, there is still potential for a comeback. According to recent rumors, the business is reportedly working on a new foldable smartphone. This handset may follow a flip design similar to Motorola’s RAZR and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series, according to new information.

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Despite the fact that no names were mentioned, it’s quite likely that the smartphone in issue is Huawei; the new hinge has fewer parts and is simpler, which lowers the price and increases dependability.

The clamshell phone we’ve been hearing about is most likely the foldable Huawei to use the new design. It’ll be compact and come in a variety of bright new hues. A pair of renderings of the gadget are included in the Weibo article, but we can’t guarantee if any of them is genuine.

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In the coming year, competition will heat up, particularly in China. Foldable smartphones are already being developed by companies such as Oppo and Vivo. With its first foldable smartphone, the former should be in the last phases of development. These firms will compete for client choice and a market that is presently dominated by Samsung.

When it comes to Samsung, other companies entering the category will find it difficult to compete with the Koreans. Samsung is poised to reach the fourth generation of its foldable series, and each iteration brings significant improvements.