Instagram Reels could soon be made 90-seconds long

For many users, Instagram Reels are now a lot of fun, but the 60-second limitation can be an issue for some. We have some good news for those who want more: Instagram plans to increase the video duration, allowing it to finally compete with TikTok.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, an Instagram executive, the business is looking at the prospect of allowing users to make longer Reels. Users can currently make Reels that are up to 60 seconds long, but in the near future, users may be able to build Reels that are 90 seconds or longer.

Paluzzi’s tweet can be found on the link below:

There will be a setting inside the Reels video shooting mode that enables users to create the video limit to 90 seconds. The 90-second option has not yet been rolled out to Instagram, and the firm has not yet announced plans for an official deployment.

Instagram Reels originally had a 15-second time limit, which was later increased to 30 seconds. In July of last year, the length was doubled once more.

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It would not be surprising if Instagram went ahead with its intention to raise the duration of Reels. TikTok, Instagram’s main competitor, already allows for far longer videos, having switched from 60-second to 3-minute videos in July of last year.

We’re not sure if Instagram intends to increase the video duration for Reels, but we’ll keep an eye out for an update.

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