Instagram to add audio/video calls feature for its web-version

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Instagram’s website version is being used to test the ability to make both voice and video calls. Its developers are also working on adding an auto-save function for stories to save as drafts.

Instagram is a platform with a barebones online appearance while having a rich and comprehensive mobile application that is literally leagues ahead of its sister platform Facebook in terms of UI and UX. Instagram is well-known for not enabling users to upload anything, instead of serving as a glorified gallery where users may swipe through and like photographs and Stories.

Instagram doesn’t really need a website because its primary audience is mobile. But, on the other hand, isn’t it pleasant to see photographs with a larger aspect ratio than one’s phone can provide? Instagram hasn’t been completely neglectful of its website version, upgrading it from time to time to improve the user interface.

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This new feature is perhaps one of the most functionally active that the website has seen in a long time. Users have been able to speak with one another on the Instagram website, but they haven’t been able to use any of the other chat capabilities. Audio and video calls, in particular, had been off the menu since the outset. That, however, could alter in the near future.

New phone and video calls buttons have been added to the chat interface for Instagram’s website, according to screenshots shared on Twitter by serial social media leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. Of course, this isn’t confirmation that the new features have been implemented. They’re still in beta testing, aren’t publicly available, and might be phased away just as fast as they were introduced. Instagram still prefers that consumers utilize their mobile app over their website. Adding too much to the latter might potentially divert attention away from the more essential and lucrative former.

The other feature being tested on Instagram significantly improves the platform’s quality of life, even though it is more tailored toward the mobile version. Previously, if a user tried to save a draught by exiting the draught screen rather than leaving Instagram directly, the draught could only be saved if the user sought to depart the draught interface.

Let’s be honest: we’ve probably all lost a few terrific articles due to muscle memory, which caused us to close the app before saving the draught. That won’t be an issue anymore, thanks to the addition of auto-saves to Instagram itself. Because the auto-save option currently only applies to Story draughts, it must be switched on manually from the Story settings.