Logitech’s pen is a durable stylus suitable for Chromebook in the classroom

Logitech has unveiled a new stylus called Pen, which is designed to be the best solution for Chromebook classrooms. Unlike many rubber-tipped styli, the Pen is an active stylus that adheres to the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standard, ensuring that it will work on a variety of modern Chromebooks right out of the box.

The Pen will function with any Chromebook that is indicated on this list. More Chromebook manufacturers are moving forward with the USI standard, according to Logitech, so expect to see more models added to it.

The Pen is recharged via a USB-C port positioned where a standard pencil’s eraser would be, and Logitech claims it can last for up to 15 days of regular school use, however, that claim is based on your youngster using it for roughly 2.5 hours per day with the smart sleep and wake mode turned on. If it runs out of power, Logitech promises that a 30-second charge will provide you 30 minutes of use, and you may use it while it recharges.

Because the Logitech Pen isn’t a consumer product, don’t expect to see it in stores. Instead, it’s only for education, and IT managers in your districts will be able to enquire about orders starting today through Logitech’s site and other schools IT resellers, with deliveries beginning in April 2022. Each gadget costs $64.99, but Logitech isn’t allowing piecemeal purchases just yet. You’ll need to make a larger purchase.

However, Logitech’s design for the Pen aims to make it more of a classroom mainstay. It has yellow splashes of color to resemble a pencil, and there’s even a Pen loop that can be stuck to the lid of a Chromebook display for simple storage. The pen 

The Pen has a silicon grip that makes it more pleasant to handle. According to Logitech, this gadget meets the MIL-STD-810G standard for ruggedness and can withstand four-foot drops. It’s also resistant to spills. Furthermore, Logitech designed its Pen tip in such a way that fidgety students shouldn’t be able to simply take it out. Each stylus comes with a three-year warranty from Logitech.