Meta introduces special initiatives for the online safety of women in Pakistan

Women’s safety online is Meta’s current emphasis in Pakistan, where it has established two new initiatives: the Online Safety Guide and StopNCII (Non-Consensual Intimate Images). As a result of the new English and Urdu safety warnings, women will be better able to communicate and express themselves online without fear of being harassed or harassed by others.

At Meta, we want to make sure our customers are ready to deal with the risks of today’s digital world. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis use Meta platforms to communicate and work together.  However, it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest news about cyberbullying, spam, and other types of fraud and crime.

Using awareness campaigns and rules to stop women from being abused on the internet, Meta gives women the tools they need to stay safe. All of the safety options accessible on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are included in the guidebook, which explains how women may utilize them to protect themselves from illegal and fraudulent actions while using the internet.

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With Meta’s support and funding, StopNCII was developed to stop the distribution of non-consensual intimate photos (NCII), sometimes referred to as “Revenge Porn,” to keep the emphasis on safety. With a worldwide reach, helps those in need by partnering with organizations in other countries to represent the interests of local victims. It employs cutting-edge technology to prevent incriminating images and videos from circulating online in the first place.

Urdu-speaking people can now use Meta’s Stop NCII page to make a complaint. As soon as the investigation starts, Meta may block the incriminating photos and videos before they can be seen. People don’t share their photos on the platform. Instead, the platform gets a hash or numerical code.

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In addition, Meta’s portal has information and perspectives from survivors, professionals, activists, and Meta’s technology partners for women who need help or advice. It includes information from Meta’s technology partners. The Digital Right Foundation has developed a StopNCII Urdu webpage.

Participants comprised civil society members, Meta regional specialists, digital experts, and rights advocates. Women and vulnerable social media users may visit Meta’s dedicated safety hub, “Safety@Facebook’ to get the knowledge and resources they need to be safe online.