Microsoft is bringing Digitalization To Sindh

Microsoft and Sindh’s School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) have signed an Educational Transformation Agreement (ETA) (SEF). Under the Microsoft Educational Transformation Framework (ETF), Microsoft has committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of educational institutions’ digital transformation efforts.

The partnership’s goal is to improve education in Sindh by utilizing ICT to its fullest potential at all levels of the educational system. Microsoft and Sindh have agreed to do a lot of things together. These things include conferences, training courses, webinars, and more.

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It’s important to work with Sindh’s education leaders to design unique digital transformation plans. Change management workshops will be held by those in charge of Sindh’s educational system for everyone to benefit from the transformation process.

Through its cloud certification programs and the creation of MIE Master Trainers, Microsoft also wants to help the Sindh government learn how to design, plan, and use cloud solutions.

The country’s education lead for Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Jibran Jamshad, stated at the signing ceremony:
“Using ICT, both parties will be able to bridge the educational and employment gaps. We’ve already established connections with several educational institutions because we recognize that the education sector in Pakistan requires a significant amount of digitalization. We are working on custom-made solutions for educational products and services with several private and public-sector institutions. This partnership with the Sindh government is another step towards transforming education in Sindh.”

Mr. Ghulam Akbar Laghari, Secretary of the Sindh Department of School Education and Literacy, offers his thoughts on the matter:
“We are happy to work with Microsoft to digitalize Sindh’s education system. As part of this relationship, we created the SELD learning hub App and digital classrooms to meet kids’ educational requirements. We are formalizing these digital learning platforms to avert additional educational gaps. We also expect this cooperation to help accelerate classroom innovation and motivate kids to accomplish great things. “

This alliance will help bridge the skills gap between school and work. There are additional programs for those with visual and communication impairments.