Microsoft’s take on Task Manager is available for a Test Run

Microsoft Lists is now available to customers with personal Microsoft accounts as a free preview – for only the first 200,000 people signing up to try it. Until today, Lists, which is a task management and to-do list software, was only available to commercial and enterprise users.

The preview, according to Microsoft, is based on “the foundation of Microsoft Lists” and includes several additional capabilities like tabbed views and the ability to add photos in-line. Unfortunately, the sample isn’t a feature-complete version of List’s, as Microsoft notes that it lacks some of the normal app’s features (though it’s unclear which ones). It’s also not yet available for iOS or Android.

If you do intend to try out a trial, keep in mind that there are certain storage restrictions – albeit reasonable ones. You can build up to 50 lists, each with a limit of 2,000 items and the ability to add up to 200MB of videos, files, and photographs.

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Lists, which was first released in 2020, is still a relatively new product; at its core, it allows users to create, manage, and share multiple lists across screens and with coworkers. It includes pre-made templates (as do other Microsoft applications) for a variety of purposes, including an event agenda, asset manager, onboarding checklist, and more.

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If you’ve used other task management applications like Asana or Airtable, you’ll recognize Lists’ functionality that allows you to choose between a calendar, grid, or custom layout while browsing your project. I can see how Lists could be useful for business purposes, such as keeping track of meaningful employment applications or organizing website content. However, for the rest of us, it could be useful for running a book club, organizing recipes, or keeping track of job applications.