My Startup tripled in size in 2021: Here’s what I learned

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of responsibilities, stress, and very struggling life. Having a startup is not an easy thing to deal with, from having ideas to implementation everything requires a whole process to deal with. Introducing your idea to getting investors for it is a tough job. 

For your startup to be a success, first, you need to have proper channels for it to go through such as incubation centers for the entrepreneurs where they guide you in each of the steps that you take and even get you, investors, for your startup.

Once you have your startup established, the first few years are the most important as well as the most crucial of all. Almost 70% of startups fail within 2 years of kickstarting.

After studying the startups very closely we have come across a few very important steps to be taken that we have learned throughout to give your business growth with success.

1. Approach Towards Investments

Pitching about your startup and getting investors is a difficult thing while managing it is even more difficult. Your approach towards the investment plays a vital role for your startup, managing all aspects of your investment plan leads you to secure and better opportunities.

2. Building Your Team

Hiring people demands a thorough process for startups. Team building is as important as any other thing, the right people with the proper skillset at the right time should be included in the team. 

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There should always be space for the team to grow with time.

3. Fixing Milestones

When working towards your final goal you should set certain milestones throughout your journey. Accomplishing small goals gives you a perspective towards your approach and success. It also gives you a sense of achievement and for your whole team, something to look up to and a clearer direction towards your final goal. Working through this makes you ready for the big picture and growth.

4. Evolving

Everything requires change and if you do not have a progressive approach then you are bound to be doomed. Evolving is in human nature thus it affects each and everything it has a connection with. Every day thousands of new startups come into the market, some like yours some like others, they often come with advancements, while human nature does not like monotony it eventually gains interest in those more advanced. Hence, to take your startup to new heights, it should be open to change, advancement, and progressiveness at all times while keeping an eye on your competitors.

5. Relationship With Client

Keeping a healthy relationship with your client also plays a major role in your growth. It creates links and chains from one client to another. The way you deal comes highly into consideration and your integrity gives you a loyal client for life.