NASA’s upgraded spacesuits are meant for humanity to set foot on Mars

NASA will collaborate with industry to develop breakthrough next-generation spacesuits that will help humanity take the next step forward.

NASA’s official YouTube account has posted a new movie that is essentially a trailer displaying the space agency’s next-generation spacesuits.

NASA has revealed through the video that it will collaborate with the commercial space industry to develop brand new next-generation spacesuits that will be worn by future astronauts on a variety of missions. The spacesuits will be “personalized,” according to the video’s description, and will include revolutionary changes such as technology updates, better fits for astronauts, a greater range of sizes, and better protection against the harsh environment of space.

Additionally, these spacesuits will allow astronauts to move more freely than ever before, allowing them to be “more nimble than ever before.” These spacesuits will be used by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, future Artemis missions that will return humans to the Moon’s surface, and, most crucially, NASA will be prepared for “humanity’s next huge leap – to Mars” – sending astronauts to Mars.

Despite delays in the rocket that will return astronauts to the moon, the vehicles that will transport them down to its surface, and now the suits they’ll wear to protect them in the moon’s airless environment, where temperatures range from 260°F to -280°F, NASA publicly maintains the 2024 target date.

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This isn’t easy: NASA considers these spacesuits to be one-person space vehicles, necessitating advanced life support systems and dependable communications, as well as the ability to keep people comfortable, nourished, watered, and capable of rambling and using numerous equipment.

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