Nintendo finally brings Bluetooth Audio to The Switch with new Software Updates

Nintendo Switch is a console designed and created specifically for video game players. It was launched in the year 2017 as a hybrid console as it can be transformed into a home console and a portable console. Nintendo has been constantly adding interesting features to the console in the past four years. However, the gamers were not so happy with the updates taking place in the past couple of years until recently the company announced that it has made some new software updates which also include a long-awaited feature requested by many gamers around the world: Bluetooth Audio. A large number of people had been requesting Nintendo to allow its gaming console to support the Bluetooth audio, but it took the company four years to fulfill this wish of people. Now people can use headphones, air pods, speakers, and any other Bluetooth device of their choice to connect with the gaming console to enhance their gaming experience.

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Even though the company was able to grant gamers the convenience of plugging in their Bluetooth devices and enjoy playing games without disturbing anyone else sitting in close proximity, it was still not able to introduce this long-anticipated feature without its drawbacks. The company mentioned in its patch notes a few catches which come along with the Bluetooth audio feature, stating that whenever the Bluetooth audio feature is enabled in the console, the players can only utilize two wireless controllers, and only one Bluetooth device can be plugged in for audio output. Additionally, the players will not be able to use this feature with local wireless communication, and also the feature does not allow the Bluetooth microphones to be supported by the gaming console.

The company has also introduced some other important software updates in its console, which include letting the gamers know about their internet connection in the “internet Status” section, allowing the gaming console to be connected to the internet connection even if the console is shut off, and a change in the starting of control stick calibration.

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Despite the benefits of the above-mentioned software updates, the most cherished and the most rejoiced update feature in the Nintendo Switch remains the Bluetooth audio, as it allows the gamers to play their games in a private and comfortable environment and also due to the fact that this feature is not available in PS5 and Xbox series.