Now everyone can add link stickers to Instagram Stories

Instagram’s link stickers, which allow you to put hyperlinks in Stories as stickers, will now be available to all users on the platform, according to the Facebook-owned social media platform. Since June, Instagram has been testing link stickers, but the feature has only been available to verified users or profiles with a big number of followers.

According to the social media platform, link stickers can be used by anybody from corporations to activists to link out to external sites. However, Instagram admits that link sharing can help anyone engage with their followers.

Instagram has also stated that accounts that persistently share false information or hate speech will be denied access. After uploading content to your stories, go to the sticker tool from the top navigation bar, tap the “Link” sticker, and type in the required URL. It works just like any other sticker on a Stories post after that.

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Instagram highlighted in June that the link stickers feature is solely for Stories posts and that company has no plans to expand them to the main Instagram feed or other portions of the program. That is still the case now.

Swipe up, which was how Instagram users could previously link out to external webpages from their Stories and which the platform stopped in August, has now been completely replaced by the link stickers function. However, according to today’s news, link stickers are now more generally available than swipe up, which was previously limited to verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers.