Nvidia’s cloud gaming service arrives on LG TVs

Nvidia’s GeForce Now software for LG TVs has been released from beta, according to the graphics card manufacturer. The cloud gaming service, which debuted in beta last November for some LG televisions, allows you to stream games purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store from Nvidia’s servers.

You may get the GeForce Now app through the LG Content Store if you have a compatible LG TV from 2021. Nvidia is giving away six months of GeForce Now’s Priority tier for free with qualified LG TV purchases between February 1st and March 27th to commemorate the launch.

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Although Nvidia’s streaming service could previously be accessed via the Nvidia Shield, being able to view it directly from a TV is a much more simple solution. It’s also the less expensive choice if you don’t already have Nvidia’s set-top box and don’t want to add another GeForce Now-compatible device to your TV.

Nvidia also announced that new resolution upscaling options for cloud gaming GeForce Now will be available alongside the formal launch of the LG TV app. When your streaming resolution (decided by your network’s capacity) is less than your display resolution, these are meant to compensate. There are now three upscaling modes: “regular,” which is the default, “enhanced,” which improves quality but adds latency, and “AI-enhanced,” which is the best upscaling quality but only available on the Nvidia Shield or PCs with specified Nvidia GPUs. When your display resolution is lower than your streaming resolution, the feature can downscale content as well as upscale it.

Mortal Online 2, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Tropico 6, and Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition are among the new games arriving to Nvidia’s streaming service this week.