OLX Pakistan shuts down its eCommerce operations under OLX Mall

A famous Pakistani classifieds site called OLX Mall has closed down its online store after just five months of business.

Online classifieds site OLX started a new business called OLX Mall to help it grow even more. This new business will help OLX grow even more, too.

In March 2021, OLX Mall was beta-launched and was launched officially in October of the year before that.

Over the last few months, it has been working with big companies like TCL to get their products on the eCommerce platform, so more people can buy them. So customers can buy now and pay later, the company has also worked with financial technology companies and banks to make this possible.

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Use OLX, the largest horizontal classifieds site in Pakistan, to put up ads and connect with people who want them, and you can do the same thing. You should check out PakWheels, Graana, and Rozee to see who else is in the business of selling things on Craigslist.

It would have been up against companies like Daraz in the e-commerce market.

It said in July 2020, it had merged with the parent company of Zameen.com, the Emerging Markets Property Group also called OLX.

Zameen.com was a website that competed with OLX, which sold things (EMPG). It had a value of $1 billion before the deal, so EMPG was now significantly more valuable.

It also got a $150 million investment from a group of people.

People in Pakistan have been running OLX even though it is now its own company. Because of the merger, Imran Ali Khan and Zeeshan Khan have been in charge of OLX in Pakistan. He and she are both co-founders.

The logistics service for people who buy things online is called OLX Move. It was made to help people who use OLX.

OLX has not responded to your questions about the closure. The company has said that Soon, it will be closed.