Opera GX browser begins to be distributed in Windows 11 Microsoft Store

The Opera GX browser, which is intended for gamers, is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. Many Windows users will now find it easier to refer to and use the browser, including for automatic upgrades.

SoftPedia has confirmed this. Since its inception, Opera GX has gained a loyal following, which will undoubtedly continue to increase with the addition of the Microsoft Store. Previously, you could only acquire the browser through Opera; now, you can get it from the store as well, which brings us to the benefits of MS Store Management: This contains tried-and-true software as well as automatic updating features. The inclusion of Opera GX to the Microsoft Store also means that Windows users will have simpler access to and a wider selection of browsers to choose from.

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The Opera GX browser is built for gamers, as evidenced by its appearance and functionality, which includes unique features such as CPU, RAM, and network control that help you get the most out of your gaming and surfing.

What’s new?

The most recent version of GX includes native Discord and Twitch access in the sidebar, as well as Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE connectivity. This allows them to synchronize their lighting with the browser’s actions. In addition, Operius, a new arcade shooter for space that can be played in a browser without an internet connection, is now included in Opera GX. The new browser comes with a free, limitless, integrated VPN, an ad blocker, and a sidebar with integrated messengers and social networks.

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