PAF to unveil locally-made Stealth Radar for Fighter Jets

Did you know that people can send out radio waves of many different frequencies without moving the antenna in the AESA phased radar, which is a type of phased radar? When AESA radars are used with planes and ships, they can send strong signals while stealthy and resistant to jamming.

According to the latest information, the Air Weapon Complex (AWC), a research and development institution of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), is working in partnership with the National University of Science and Technology to create Pakistan’s native AESA radar (NUST).

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At this time, there are no definitive specifics about the radar’s design, but sources indicate that the indigenously designed AESA radar will make use of the newest gallium nitride (GaN) transmit and receive modules, which are currently only possessed by a few nations.

S-band and X-band GaN transmit and receive modules were purportedly designed by AWC in late 2019 and early 2020, respectively. The functionality of the two components is distinct. The S-band function is available in both ground and aerial search radars for target search and detection.

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A fire control application is related to the X-band module, which has a higher resolution than the Y-band module.

The indigenous AESA radar is scheduled to make its formal debut on either the JF-17 Block 4 fighter plane or the fifth-generation stealth fighter jet built under Project Azm, which is currently under development.