Pakistan becomes Largest Export Market for Proton Cars

Looks like Pakistanis have become of these proton cars.

Along with the publication of Proton’s March sales figures came additional good news for the Malaysian carmaker, which stated that it shipped 794 cars in March, marking a 108-month high for the company in terms of exports.

Proton’s reported export total of 794 units was inaccurate; the amount was obtained in March and included a variety of models. Pakistan was the company’s most important export market, accounting for 690 units sent to the nation in that month.

The Saga’s local Assembly (CKD) activities in Karachi, Pakistan, began in October of last year.

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Meanwhile, Proton said that the overall export volume for the first quarter was 1,117 units, representing a 175 percent increase over the same period last year. This month, the Saga maintained its position as the brand’s top-selling model, with 6,422 units sold in March, also the model’s most incredible monthly sales total in nine years.

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That didn’t get much better until the Saga SV was on the market in November 2013.

According to the business, this demonstrated that the Saga was the most popular Proton model in terms of sales volume, but it was also the best-selling sedan in its class throughout the nation.

The X70 SUV, which sold 2,320 units in March and 4,238 units so far this year, is the second-highest seller.